Fairy Tail Warcraft Age is an action-thrilled and adventure anime series that focuses on an alternate Fairy Tail verse. It involves 11 Mages and 4 pets traveling around the world of Azeroth for many adventures and dangers to come their way. This will be the first Anime Series to have English Dub voice actors than Japanese ones, as it will collaborate with modern English voice actors. It is also rated M due to Violence, Language, Drug Use, Sex, Nudity and see some female breasts and buttocks.

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It most focuses all the way to planet-busting tiering. It also has several haxes such as instant-death magic, time manipulation, magical absorption, and immunity to certain elements.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is a different Fairy Tail series based on a more medieval version.
  • This new anime series will feature new characters.
  • The series' design will be based on the Fairy Tail (2014) anime graphics and background.
  • Most Fairy Tail Characters will wear new outfits and some will wear old outfits with modifications/different designs or with color variations.
  • This series will also confirm the ships that millions of fans over important ships are, or believed to be confirmed:
    • Natsu and Lucy
    • Gray and Juvia
    • Gajeel and Levy
    • Romeo and Wendy
    • Erza and Jellal
    • Sting and Yukino
    • Rogue and Kagura
    • Laxus and Mirajane
    • Lyon and Meredy
    • Jason and Ceres (new)
    • Tatsumi and Chelia (new)
  • Certain events will take place in the series like:

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